"The thing that comes to my mind is Bill's commitment to developing a real understanding of the product and the audience we were trying to reach -- which I felt gave him the base to put together something unusually effective for us. What we have really fits us -- and I think it's because of Bill's sensitivity to what we were trying to achieve. It's beautiful -- it's really a beautiful statement."

Dean Leith, President, Troy-Bilt Tillers/Garden Way Manufacturing, Troy, NY

"When the presentation was shown, there was absolute silence. We had no idea what people were really thinking -- it was just silent. Later, we found out we had been awarded the full amount we had requested. And the comments that followed were just wonderful! It had been the best, the most professional, the most moving -- I mean everything! They were caught up in this presentation! And after seeing our presentation, the next group we went to gave us three times what we had asked for. It as wonderful, absolutely wonderful."

Cathi Righi, Executive Director, Pediatric Development Center, Pittsfield, MA