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Pugliese's Dances for the Civil War Ballroom

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This DVD supplies easy-to-understand instructions and clear demonstrations for the most popular couple dances of the Victorian ballroom (see list below). Music for practicing is available on The Civil War Ballroom and Returning Heroes CDs by Spare Parts, with sheet music in The Civil War Ballroom Band Book. Perfect for students of the Civil War or the Victorian era.

All dances have been carefully researched, taught, and danced at many historic reenactment balls. The subtleties as well as the basics are presented for both men's and women's steps. Points of styling and potential problems are also addressed.

Dance historian Patri Pugliese dedicated himself to helping reenactors and people of all ages recreate and enjoy a midcentury Victorian ball. The dance instructions and costumed demonstrations with Barbara Pugliese were videotaped a few months before Patri's untimely death in 2007. With the assistance of Barbara and Antonia Pugliese, Bill Matthiesen has edited the footage and formatted it into a DVD so each lesson is easy to view (and review) separately.

11 couple dances; 66 minutes.

"Let your dancing be quiet and unobtrustive; let your movements in the dance be characterized by elegance and gracefulness, rather than by activity and complexity of steps."

"An American Gentleman," [anon.]
True Politeness:A Handbook of Etiquette for Gentlemen (1853)

dancing couple Includes separate lessons
for each of the following dances:

the mid-19th century waltz
the polka
the schottische
the galop
the varsovienne
the valse a deux temps
the polka mazurka
the polka redowa
the esmerelda
the bohemian
the koska


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