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67 beautiful waltzes, including:

New waltzes from Jay Ungar, Jerry Holland, Peter Ostroushko, Ale Möller, Jacky Molard, Keith Murphy, Larry Unger, Marcel Messervier, Bob Pasquarello, George Wilson, Julie King, Molly Mason, Sarah Bauhan, John Miller, Debbie Scott, Cathi Whitesides and others
Scandinavian melodies including Josefin's Dopvals, Sommervalsen, and Waltz from Järna
French Musette & Breton waltzes including Indifference, La Mangave, Le Retour des Hirondelles, Wals voor Polle, Valsinette and Valse de Pastouriaux
Latin waltzes such as La Partida, Sueño de una Muñequita, San Rafael, and Dolor y Gusto
Cowboy & Bluegrass tunes including Clayhole Waltz, Down Home Waltz, Junior's Waltz and West Texas Waltz
Irish & Shetland waltzes including Kevin Keegan's Tommy Bhetty's, Inisheer, Mr. and Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow, Little Brown Island in the Sea and Morag's
French Canadian tunes such as Hommage à Philippe Bruneau, Valse du Vieux Moulin, Vals-Clog Guillemette and Valse à P.A.

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Alta Sierra Waltz
Aly’s Waltz
Another Amelia’s Waltz
The Banks O’ Doon
The Beauty
Blackhawk Waltz
Bonnie at Morn
Boo Baby’s Lullabye
Call it a Night
The Cherry Orchard
Clayhole Waltz
David Albert
David’s Waltz
Dolor y Gusto
Down Home Waltz
Eclipse of the Moon
Ellery Rose
Flathead Lake
Forever Young
For My Mother Dear
Haapavesi Waltz
Henry’s Good Fortune
Hommage à Philippe Bruneau
Josefin’s Dopvals (in F)
Josefin’s Dopvals (in G)
Junior’s Waltz
Kevin Keegan’s
Little Brown Island in the Sea
La Mangave
Medicine Bow
Meredith and Scott
Morag’s Waltz
Mr. and Mrs. MacLean of Snaigow
One Last Time
Over the Ice
La Partida
Popeye’s Waltz
Le Retour des Hirondelles
San Rafael
Souvenir de Caracas
Sperantsa Pierduta
Spokane Waltz
Sueño de una Muñequita
Sussex Waltz
Tommy Bhetty’s Waltz
Très Elegante
Valcartier Waltz
Vals-Clog Guillemette
Valse à P.A.
Valse Bernadette
Valse de Pastouriaux
La Valse du Baptême
Valse du Vieux Moulin
La Valser di Mezzanote
Villi Ruusu (Wild Roses)
Waiting for Fish
Wals Voor Polle
Waltz from Järna
Waltz of the N’s
Warm Summer Night
West Texas Waltz

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