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Spare Parts has performed for period events, contradances, English dances, weddings, parties, concerts, and dance camps from Alaska to Maine. Our historic dance music has been used worldwide in motion pictures (Bright Star) and theater productions as well as television programs including Mercy Street (PBS), Antiques Roadshow and numerous programs on the History Channel (even SpongeBob SquarePants!).

Bill Matthiesen on piano and Liz Stell on flute combine with one or more "spare parts du jour." Some of our favorite "spare parts" include fiddlers Eric Buddington, Ruthie Dornfeld, Naomi Morse, Frank Orsini, Mark Bagdon, Anne Hooper, Cathie Whitesides, Susan Conger, George Wilson, and Rebecca McCallum ... cornetist Peter Ecklund ... and bassists Ben Davis, Mark Murphy and Larry Unger.

photo by Jean-Luc Martel

2019 schedule:


  • Saturday, August 10, Nahant, MA (www.vintagevictorian.com/)
    An Evening in Vienna Grand Victorian Ball: with Eric Buddington on violin and prompting by Ben Bishop, 19th century dance and music evoking the Belle Epoque, plus scrumptious refreshments.
    Spectators can enjoy a great view from the balcony.
    spare parts at Nahant
  • Sunday, August 11, Nahant, MA (www.vintagevictorian.com/)
    Concert: Waltzing Through Time with Eric Buddington; Spare Parts will share some favorite waltz melodies from the early 1700s to the turn of this century, 1 pm
    Afternoon Tea at 2:30, featuring scones and dainty sandwiches, followed by a shore promenade to view the rocky coast
  • Saturday, August 17, Lenox, MA (www.lenoxcontradance.org/)
    Contradance at the Lenox Community Center, Liz and Bill with fiddler Eric Buddington and Mark Murphy on bass, calling by Alex Deis-Lauby, 8-11 pm (intro lesson at 7:45)
  • Sunday, August 18, Colonie, NY (www.danceflurry.org/)
    Buhrmaster Barn contradance at the historic Pruyn House with fiddler Eric Buddington and calling by Ridge Kennedy


  • Saturday, Sept 28, Worcester, MA (www.vintagedancers.org/)
    Victoria and Albert Ball in the amazing 1857 Mechanics Hall, with Eric Buddington on violin; costumes from 1840-1860 requested, or modern formal attire
    dance photo

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