Pugliese's Dances for The Civil War Ballroom
A Manual of Dance Instruction
to accompany
The Civil War Ballroom recording by Spare Parts

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"a veritable powerhouse of information related to Civil War era dance..." [read review]

This pocket manual supplies instructions for all the dances on The Civil War Ballroom recording by Spare Parts. The dances described in Pugliese's book also fit the sheet music in The Civil War Ballroom Band Book. To help recreate a Victorian ball, the manual contains "Etiquette of the Ballroom" and suggestions and recipes for ballroom refreshments.

Included are the most fashionable mid-nineteenth-century dances (see list below) with detailed explanations, plus abbreviated calls for the set dances. A companion DVD, Couple Dances of the Civil War Ballroom, provides video lessons for the couples dances.

Patri Pugliese, a dance historian and teacher, drafted these instructions to help reenactors and people of all ages recreate a midcentury Victorian ball. The project was interrupted by Patri Pugliese's untimely death in February of 2007. With Barbara Pugliese's approval, Liz Stell and Bill Matthiesen have undertaken to format and publish this volume in the style of the mid-nineteenth century dance manuals that served as Patri's sources.

Small hardbound volume (4.5" x 6.75"); 110 pages with period illustrations.

"A knowledge of the theory of that species of dancing which is practised in polite society, and studied by well-bred and fashionable people, is almost indispensable to an accomplished education."

Thomas Hillgrove,
A Complete Practical Guide to the Art of Dancing (1863)

Etiquette of the Ballroom

The Dances:
The Grand March
The Waltz
Soldier's Joy
The Polka
The Lancers Quadrilles (figures 1, 3, and 5)
The Galop
La TempÍte
The Polka Redowa
The Schottische
The Gothic Dance
Redowa Waltz
Virginia Reel
Spanish Dance

Ballroom Refreshments
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